Posted by Kautuk Bhatnagar | 22 August 2017| Uncategorized

Pingback allows you to notify other bloggers that you have linked to their article on your website. Although there are some minor technical differences, a trackback is basically the same things as a pingback. If the other blogger or author has a pingback enabled website, then they can see a notification that you have linked...

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Posted by Kautuk Bhatnagar | 23 August 2016| WP Memory Issues

I’ll walk you through the possible issues, the most frequent causes and – most importantly – the solutions to them so you can get your site back up and running as fast as possible. WordPress White Screen of Death A WordPress white screen of death (WSOD) is almost always caused by PHP code errors or memory...

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Posted by Kautuk Bhatnagar | 16 August 2016| WP Memory Issues

I recently had a situation where my client has no php.ini access mean root access of the server was not available. She tried every single possible solution like   Possible solutions available on WordPress are: 1. Edit your wp-config.php file and enter something like: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’); WordPress memory can be different to the server –...

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