WordPress Security

WordPress hacking is becoming an increasing problem, and is affecting thousands of websites daily – many site owners are not even aware they’ve been hacked. Tha’s why You Need WordPress Security Service

To ensure that you don’t become a victim to hackers, I am now offering a security package that will make your site almost impenetrable to hackers!

Security Plug-ins Installation – I will install and configure the best security plugins that are available. This should make your WordPress installation almost impenetrable to hackers!

WordPress Security Audit – The Ultimate Security Checker plugin allows me to give your site a comprehensive security audit, I will then implement any recommendations the plugin makes.

WordPress Backup – I will do a complete backup of your WordPress site. This is not just a database backup, but a backup of all your theme files, plugin files – your entire website.


Elance/Upwork Rating


01WordPress Updates
Whenever there is a new update to WordPress I will log-in to your site and upgrade to the new version. On average, a minor update to WordPress is released every couple of weeks or so.
02Plugin Updates
I will also keep all your plugins up-to-date. Every time I update WordPress I will also update any plugins that have new versions.
03Theme Updates
Free / Premium, I will update your Theme framework whenever a new version is released. The bestselling frameworks are updated more than two times quarterly on average.
04Unlimited Security Support
If, somehow, your WordPress installation still gets problem, I will not charge anything to fix the issue.

I use WordPress architecture, versatile features, templates, and customization ability to accurate use of this great CMS

Tailored Make

I offer tailor make websites that you can manage easily including its content, images, multimedia and other critical data on your specified layout.

Superior Web Experience

I give you a superior web experience and allows you to meet your specific web development goals, right within your budget.

Feature Rich

A solution which will be praised for its multitasking, spam protection and easy to customize characteristics. I execute all these features appropriately.

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