A Creative Copywriter VS. A Creative Content Writer

Everyone is creative at heart – everyone can tap into their creative nature if they choose to. And a creative copywriter and a creative content writer do so but are not entirely the same thing.  

Let us first look at what creative writing is, shall we? Creative writing entails using imagination to stream forth pieces of fiction. Creative writing nourishes numerous writing styles; it is not only used in copy work, nor is it only used in fiction novels. But, here are a few significant differences between a copywriter and a content writer: 

  • A copywriter pursues a buyer/client (most of the time), whereas a content writer pursues the reader. 
  • A copywriter persuades, while a content writer informs and shares.
  • A copywriter writes for marketing purposes – and a creative writer writes to tell a story, an emotion, thought, or insight.
  • A copywriter seeks quick action, whereas content writers seek a long-lasting connection.
  • Content writing is long-form, and copy work is often short-form.
  • A creative writer may often write blogs, poetry, scripts, books, songs, articles, short stories, magazine, and newspaper features. And a copywriter writes brochures, ads, email campaigns, funnels, catalogs, billboards, etc.

At this time and age, there are times when a copywriter does use short stories or scripts for a social media or website post – but it is firmly to inspire potential leads to take action from the very beginning. For content writers, the primary intent is to form a solid ground, build trust and a reputation for potential sales in the future. 

Think about it – content writers create blog posts and articles that last an entire decade on the web, which continue to drive traffic over the years – generating loyal followers. And these followers are turned into clients by the copywriters whenever a product or service comes to fruition. 

In other words, content writers produce work for the long term (thanks to SEO), and copywriters, for the most part, support it with short-term (but significant) craft.  

Now, to wrap it up, content writers and copywriters are two sides of the same coin, working hand in hand. They can stand alone but often work in coherence with one another – a dance of giving and taking. Content writers give, and copywriters lay the groundwork to receive. If you are contemplating which of these two is better or worse – neither is better or worse. Both serve their purpose, and it is just up to you to decide where your business stands and what it needs.


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