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I need a seasoned website designer to set up a website for 2xl coaching & advisory. It should include; At least 15 pages, Social media integration, Membership forum, Payment link, Professional layout, SEO and website optimisation

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The Challenge

A big part of our prep work involves a phase of discovery with every client i work with. i needed to know what pains Project was currently experiencing, as well as their goals and vision for an optimal outcome. Creating an emotional connection with an audience relies upon a solid foundation of research, intuition, experience and empathy. I leveraged the power of emotion through strong copy, use of color, social proof. Main concept was to provide solution within very short time span as yet to be available on every mode of technology available to see the website and get it functional properly.


Despite i had taken delivery of my website(Both) i won’t pay the money as i don’t think setting up theme on my server, setting up content into it, designing a logo, migrating a website would have cost you anything. Even i had word with other developer and he thinks the same, your work is costing me money . Even for my other website you haven’t did anything; all you had done is customized the theme fully as specified by me, design another logo, migrated whole server which took two days to complete, provided me support 24×7 for 3 months still i won’t pay you money because i do’t think that would cost money in any sense, you had tricked me.

Varun Tyagi
Created by Kautuk Bhatnagar | September 8, 2016 | Customization, Development, Migration, Optimization
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