What is Academic Tutoring & Who Needs It? 

Perhaps you are seriously considering taking up academic tutoring to improve in school. Regardless of any sense of inadequacy you might be feeling about reaching out for help, you know that academic tutoring is exceptionally valuable and, if you’re honest, very necessary for your academic future. Casting all shame aside, this article offers information on what academic tutoring is, who needs it, and why you really shouldn’t feel ashamed for getting extra help. 


How Does Tutoring Work? 

Academic tutoring utilizes qualified professionals who strive to help students reach learning milestones using skills and coaching techniques. Depending on the student’s specific goals, the strategies tutors implement vary, as does the length of time spent on skills. Tutors range from retired teachers to high school students, as qualifications are not set in stone; if you have a propensity for a specific subject and feel that this strength extends to coaching others, you are a good candidate for being an academic tutor. 


All Students Benefit From Tutoring 

Although some students may feel a sense of shame for needing tutoring, the reality is that even the smartest, most successful students can benefit from tutoring. Some academic tutors have gravitated towards the term “academic coaching” to avoid the common stigma associated with tutoring and to encourage more interest from students. While academic tutoring is often pursued by students who are struggling to keep up in school, it is just as often pursued to:


  • stay on course
  •  get ahead in school, 
  • prepare for college 
  • to fine-tune one’s skills in a challenging subject 


How To Find Your Tutor 

To find the right academic tutor for you, be sure to seek professional referrals from people in your community that you trust, and preferably those who are most connected to your school or another academic facility. Remember to inform potential tutors of your strengths and weaknesses. This way, your academic tutor will know what exactly they’ll need to focus on with you so they can more efficiently help you achieve your goals


The Big Idea 

As you can see, there are many valid reasons to pursue academic tutoring and self-improvement. Wherever you happen to be on your academic journey is okay, so understand that there is no shame in asking for additional help. We could all use another helping hand to get us to where we want to be academically and in many other areas of life as well. 

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